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What is the value in hiring a professional newborn photographer?

Everyone carries around a camera in their pocket now days, and most of those cameras are pretty decent quality - they are very capable of taking stunning images. So, seen as you constantly have a camera on you, and that you are likely to take dozens and dozens of images from the moment your little one is born, why hire a professional and why is it worth the investment? (there shall be a separate post coming on what to do with all those images on your phone also)

There really are several ways to view this quandary;

1, You are a new parent, you are finding your feet getting to know this new little person and are immersed in falling in love, figuring them out and adjusting to your new existence as a parent. Newborn photographers offer the ability to capture this magical time for you in an amazingly beautiful way so that you don't have to worry about forgetting these precious moments.

2. A newborn photographer can capture the amazing things we all love about newborns and showcase all of perfect features in ways the most people can't. They have access to a variety of props and accessories that can emphasize the curled up newborn to perfection.

3. As perfect as each newborn is, often times they may have scratched themselves, may be slightly bruised perhaps following delivery and they quite often are jaundiced or red and blotchy. All of these issues are temporary. And while it is so important to capture each baby just as they are, sometimes it is wonderful to have beautiful images of a newborn baby where they are free of all the effects of life outside the womb. Where they are just themselves.

and finally (and probably most importantly to me)

4. You need to be in a portrait with your baby. You may not feel amazing, either of you, you may want to avoid this part, but it is so so important for you and your little one. A professional photographer can capture priceless images that you will adore forever. A professional photographer can insure that your family is captured together in a way that you will want to hang in every room of your home so that you can get the pleasure of viewing it every day.

The reason it is worth capturing this time in your lives with a professional newborn photographer is, similar to your wedding, this is a once in a lifetime (your child's lifetime) occassion. You will want to remember it with timeless portraits.

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