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The excitement begins

From the moment you find out you are going to become a parent, you go through a huge lottery of emotions. Who knows from one day to the next what you'll be feeling. Hopefully the over riding feeling is joy, but that gets a bit muddied up by anxiety, worry, panic, fear and all those other feels that just have to get in the way! As time goes on and the worry starts to decrease (hopefully) you make way for the anticipation of finally getting to meet him or her.

Not long before your little one arrives, when the hospital bags are packed, the birth plan is in place, the maternity leave has started perhaps and life settles down into the calm countdown of days, there is a precious time to take stock of the wonder of pregnancy. Of how awesome and mystifying and magical the female body is. How perfectly it can grow a whole little person.

This is the time when two hearts beat inside one body. When mother and child are as close as they will ever be and that time needs to be captured.

This is not only the end of a pregnancy, it is the birth of a family. An irreplaceable moment in time. I am so proud to have been able to capture these images for this wonderful couple.

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