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Newborn photography at home....(Part 2)

So we did the white blanket in front of a window, what else can you do for variety in your baby's images.......

Have you your little ones future room, or even just their cot set up? Why not use that room to capture some images? Put baby in their now massive cot and show just how small they are. Take images from above and from the side. Take images from a distance and close up. Capture images of baby on their changing table, the details of their space, their clothes in a wardrobe or drawer unit, all of the little things that signaled the arrival of a baby in your home.

Now lets go to your bedroom. Your bed is a wonderful place to capture images of your little one. You can join in here too and capture super special images of each other with baby. Take the time before these images to do your hair and make up if you normally would. Also, take five minutes before these images to scan the area that is going to be visible in your images. Throw the bag of nappies, dirty clothes or used cups out of the way. If they make it into the images it will only annoy you later. Feel free to capture the messy room images too through. They are great candid images and really capture how hectic life is with a new baby at home. Now, don't forget to make these images the cuddly ones that show how little baby is in your arms. Sit up, lay down, perhaps take some nursing images if you are breastfeeding. There are lots of options. Tip: Take these images from the shadow side of the room to give them a more dramatic feel.

You will see from these images that I have a foot on my bed which means I have to work around that (I kind of like how I was able to frame baby in the opening though. You never know what might work until you try it.) If you don't have a foot on your bed capturing images from a lower angle is one of my favourites of baby on their own.

These images were captured in my daughters own room - please excuse the permanent Christmas theme!! :D

In all situations I generally advise that natural light is generally best and is the most flattering so where possible switch off lamps and overhead lights and just let the natural light in the room do it's thing. Selecting the right time of day for your photo sessions with baby is essential in this regard. If you have subdued light, work with it. These images can often hold more atmosphere than overly bright images.

I hope all of these tips are helping you to capture some of your own unique images of your little one. If there is anything you have questions on please don't hesitate to ask. Also, I would love if you would share some of your own images with me. I am missing all of my usual baby time. :D Thanks everyone. xxx

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