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Life since the world slowed down.......

So it has been a few weeks since the schools closed, since I had to shut the doors of my studio and since the whole world took a massive step down the gears to a much slower pace.

I must admit that I kind of checked out from

the world there for a while initially. I avoided

the news as much as I could.

All of the stories, the growing panic, the deaths and the growing fear all around the world were eating away and my usually optimistic spirit. All I could do was to focus on making sure that my little family were safe. That the kids were okay, and that all of this craziness didn't affect them too negatively. That my house was scrubbed to within an inch of it's life - no lie, I sterilised everything from the front door in. I ensured we had the essentials to hand but that was all I had the ability to focus on for a while.

Thankfully now we are adjusting to our new routine. The kids are doing amazing keeping up with their school work. Some teachers are being gentle with the work while others are piling it on, but I am so proud of all of my kids and how they are coping. They are so resilient and are dealing with the adjustment to schooling from home amazingly well. See how studious they all look!!!! :D

I have learned so much about them and have laughed till I cried with them over the last few weeks and it has been an amazing blessing to get this time with them. They are all growing up faster than I every imagined and our busy life means days, weeks and months just fly by.

So our days currently are being filled with school, cleaning, crafting, baking, spending time chilling out and just enjoying every day as it comes. There is no point looking too far ahead or planning anything specific because we just don't know when normality will resume.

For now, my mind has settled. I am getting caught up with what needs doing for work and I am seeing a light in this heavy darkness over the world.

My wish for now is that everyone has the luxury of a safe roof over their heads, a family that they can lean on, food on their table and the comfort of knowing this too shall pass.

Stay safe and I pray that we can all get back out in the world soon. xxxx

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