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Awards Excitement!

Competitions are an amazing way to see how your work is progressing and how you are at an international standard. They are brilliant. They are also scary as hell!

Putting your work (like your children) out there to be judged by five of the worlds leading experts in portrait photography is terrifying. You pick what you think are your best images, then you re-think because you over think what you think the judges might be thinking and then you think think think and drive yourself crazy before reverting to your original selection and send them off with hope, terror, excitement, trepidation and prayers that they will be up to a reasonable standard.

Then you wait...........

and wait.............

and wait a little more before finally hearing that the results are being published.

You quickly log into your account (which lets be honest you haven't stopped looking at for the last few days as excitement and nerves got the better of you) to see if, "Please God Be Good", you have produced any images that the judges deem worthy of merit.

And then you see it, among the top 20 out of thousand of entries, one of your images! Number 11! What, how, where, when........ - picture a very shocked and confused face!

Then it turns to amazement as you realise that what your eyes are seeing is real. Then the sudden, irrepressible jump up and down, can't hold it in scream of joy that you release from somewhere deep in your soul. So sudden is this reaction that you literally terrify your husband and son who happen to be sitting in the room with you, completely unaware of the awesome event that has just occurred.

Then you go on to see that not just this one, but seven of your precious portraits have won bronze awards. SEVEN!!

So many remarkable photographers create images for these competitions. All of the images that scored higher than mine have spurred me on to try harder, learn more, be better in each image I create.

The next competition is in August and my mind is already flooding with ideas!

Thank you so much to all of the amazing people, clients, friends and family who allow me the pleasure of creating this art with and for you. Love you all. xxx

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